The more things change, the more they stay the same

Change is everywhere. Gallup reports the number of people working at home has at least doubled, probably tripled. Microsoft, Google, and other employers are just a few of those embracing the change. People anticipate higher office vacancy rates, less business travel, higher spending on home remote office equipment. What will K-12 and higher education look like? Retail? Dining? Life? What industries will disappear? Which will emerge? What does it all mean?

At the same time, some things have not changed at all. Great ideas. Innovation. Excellent service. Incredible value. The ability to execute. Strategic thinking. Together these are some of the values and characteristics that continue to determine who will lead, and who will follow or leave the race. But, none of these matter without outstanding people who enjoy what they do and are well taken care of. In fact, these core values remain the formula for navigating change and success!

At VPA these beliefs are core to our mission and who we are. Your Benefits. Our Mission. We deliver outstanding benefits with excellent service to your team. VPA is an affordable, one-stop shop for employee benefits, without administrative effort beyond normal payroll processing, and personal ERISA fiduciary liability that is significantly less than what you have today. And, if you want to maintain an existing relationship with a financial advisor, we can accommodate that as well!

VPA takes care of delivering great benefits to your employees, so you can focus on your business and doing what you do best. We are so confident the VPA retirement plan will save you and your employees money, help them reach their retirement goals sooner, and reduce your administrative costs and personal liability, that we guarantee it. Ask about our free 401(k) analysis and the VPA Guarantee.

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